Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Perfect Society?

Perfect Society?

Once, I was smiling everyday,

just by looking into the bay
Once, I saw fish in the sea
now the nature Spirit lost me.

Once, There was an old man on the way,
his hair and clothes all gray.
Once, there was the moon every night
today nothings seems to be all right.

Once, I heard birds singing
now robots are allways winning
Once there were airplanes in the sky,
today noone wants to die.

Once, we spoke together
now we watch the Venus' weather.
Once, People had their free way
now they are controlled by the ray

Once, I was eating homemade cake
now you need to buy the flavor at the "Take"
Once, there were rights for lesbians and gays
now their rights are sold on ebays.

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