Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yet without a title

Yet without a Title

Everyone has this feeling,
something is missing,
your mind's current is freewheeling!
Something inside is missing!

That emptyness is cruel,
you are missing fuel!
Lonelyness is your current state,
ESCAPE! Before it is too late!

I am bound, must stay here,
I found some fuel: Beer!
It helps me to forget and sleep!
Brain not count counting any sheep!

Beer is cruel, not an escape
Get out and get your babe!
Breal through your barrier,
and jump on the next carrier!

Inside me is a black whole,
longing for more, such a w****!
Let me get some harder stuff,
it will put it in hand cuffs!

DON'T! Do the right choice!
listen to your heart's voice!
Get your things packed and LEAVE!

Finally it seems satiesfied!
Stronger fuel makes it less cruel!
I am feeling nothing but satisfaction,
Let's fall asleep before it shows any reaction

To ESCAPE you must be awake!
Leave it home that rattlesnake!
Can you hear the sirens wailing?
You are going Sailing.
You have escaped your way,
sadly, another world gets gray.

Werk I, 2011.

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